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Seven R-Rated Minutes in Hetalia Heaven
Seven R-Rated Minutes in Heaven with the Hetalia Guys
You're a new country and your first World Meeting was today, needless to say, you were very nervous. You walked in the room and immediately felt out of place; everyone had already arrived so they all turned to you, your face flushed bright red and you gulped loudly. "H-hi." You whisper and barely raise your hand to wave to it.  
"Ohonhon~ why 'ello there ma chere~." A long haired blond approaches you, takes your hand and kisses it.
"U-uh hi, I'm the new country."
"Ahh~! Magnifique, you can introduce yourself~." He said happily as he dragged you to the front of the room. Your eyes widened and your face grew darker, you didn't do well with public speaking; yeah, you probably weren't going to last very long but you were determined to be the best country you could be with your abilities.
"U-uhm, I-I'm shy w-when it comes to n-new people." You whisper to the man. He stopped and turned back to you and smiled.
"You are adorable,
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 277 168
Mature content
GermanyxReader Request # 2 :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 190 38
Mature content
PirateUKxReader Final Chapter :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 128 65
MatadorSpainxReader Chapter One
MatadorSpainxReader: Mi Hermosa Tomate Chapter 1
Shibi: Sorry but before the story, I felt like I needed to apologize for the really long wait. Thank you all for your patience^^ Okay so I couldn't come up with a better title than the above =_= so yeah, that's not my forte. Oh and smut lovers, sorry to say this will not be as mature as the PirateUK series, sorry, I feel like getting in touch with my fluffiness side. But worry not because I will make one just for you guys as an epilogue or something^^. So without further ado as I know most of you are yelling at me to get the f*ck on with it, enjoy!!^^
Disguise? Check! Bag of tomatoes? Check! Just in case. Alright! You were ready. You had on a tight burgundy blouse, a black ankle-length skirt, with a long emerald cloak with a hood over your outfit. Taking one last time to make sure you had everything, you finally leave your small house and head to t
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 89 46
Mature content
RussiaxReader Request #2 :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 159 88
Mature content
PiratePrussiaxReader Request :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 218 108
Mature content
VampireEnglandxReader Request :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 382 124
A Hetalia Writer's Meme
A Writer's Meme
1. America
2. Prussia
3. Italy
4. France
5. China
6. Germany
7. Russia
8. Romano
9. Spain
10. Greece
11. Turkey
12. England
1. What would 12 and 1 be like in a relationship?
……*nosebleed* England would be crushed by America when they had sex XDDDDD
2. If 6 and 3 were to have an affair, who would top?
Germany, duh!...Although I have seen some doujins where Italy tops. They were scary and hot at the same time.
3. 2 and 10. Totally crack or totally canon?
PrussiaxGreece = Crack! XD but that would be pretty hot…damn now I wanna see some!!
4. Is 4 het or slash better?
Slash!!!! Although France would totally take part in both.
5. Have you ever read fanfiction of 5 and 11?
China and Turkey….nope.
6. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 is after 8 and 9! (Baaaad joke…>>;)
Germany is afraid of Russia (Who isn't?) because he is after Romano and Spain….that doesn't even make sense! 7 isn't after 8 and 9!
7. If 8 was to cosplay, what woul
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 19 15
What If...Chap 3 Result: Back to Room
What If…Chapter 3 Result: But What If…You Go Back to Your Room?
You look back to the left, then to the right, still not sure which way to go. You let out a deep sigh and decide to just tough it out; one night wouldn't kill you, maybe. You grudgingly walk into the room, shutting the door silently behind you before climbing into the now freezing bed. You shiver and pull the covers up to your neck, you could hear the brutal wind outside, making the snow fall harder. You sigh again and toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, despite being so cold. Maybe you should just have tried one of the rooms. As if on cue, your door opens and you turn to see Ludwig in a black wife beater and boxers.
"Oh gut, you're awake. I forgot to tell you dis room's heater broken. I've been meaning to fix it, but I haven't had de time. You're velcome to sleep in my room und I'll take dis one."
"Won't you be cold?" You ask, sitting up; you wrap the covers around you tightly as they slip to your waist.
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 66 51
What If...Chap 4 Result:Russia
Chapter 4 Result: Russia
Warning(s): Slight language/ very f*cking long
Incase you guys are confused about Russia's accent here's a cheat sheet:
w's turn into v's
v's turn into f's
g's turn into k's
d's turn into t's
th turns into s or z, I used z since I already used it for France.
Oh and, sorry I'm a pronunciation Nazi, Russia's name is pronounced E-VAN not EYE-VAN
Also someone pointed out something with France's accent that I totally forgot g's are pronounced like j's and vise versa so I'm going to start doing that.
And after watching the episodes with Spain again, I heard him use 'chu' as you so I'm going to do that too! Plus it just sounds so cute^^
"Ouch, the hell?" You look up to see what you ran into and your eyes widen…holy shit…you ran into…Russia!!! This morning just kept getting better and better.
"Hm?" He blinks down at you; you look up and stare at t
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 125 160
PirateUKxReader Chap 12
PirateUKxReader: Precious Treasure Chapter 12
Warning: Violence/ a bit of gore/ a bit of strong language
"Hermano!!" You cry out as the gun goes off. Your eyes widen as you take in the scene in front of you.
"Nngh." Arthur grunts in pain as he punches Alastair in the jaw, making the older man fall back down again a few feet away.
"Arthur!" You rush to his side and examine his wound: he was lucky, the bullet just went through his side, but he was still bleeding quite a bit. Antonio's eyes widen and he stares at the blond as he falls to his knees.
"W-why did you do that?"
"Nngh, I didn't do it for you, so,urgh, don't get me wrong." He looks at you reassuringly and smiles. "I just never want to see (Name) depressed ever again. Ouch, that hurts, love." He winces as you apply pressure to his wound.
"We have to stop the bleeding, here hold that against the wound." You instruct him and make your way to your brother. You take the bandana Antonio had used for his disguise and press it aga
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 119 87
JapanxReader Request
JapanxReader Request for Claus1
Rating: PG
You stand outside the building, waiting for your fellow Axis member to emerge. You press a hand over against your mouth to quiet your snickering; you were, once again, up to no good. Everyone, Axis and Allies, knew to be careful when you on the prowl for a victim; well, except Prussia, since he was your partner in crime sometimes.
Today, your target was a certain Japanese man; you witnessed him freak out when Italy hugged him and you were determined to see him freak again. After some time, you start to get bored and almost call the whole thing off for another time; but, before you start to leave, you hear the small man's mumbles voice. He was speaking in Japanese to someone so you couldn't understand him. The sliding door finally opens and he comes out in his usual white uniform; you immediately wrap your arms around the unsuspecting shy man after he closes the door.
"Hi Japan! Italy and I missed you so much!!" Just like you were counting on,
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 78 41
PirateUKxReader Chap 11
PirateUKxReader: Precious Treasure Chapter 11
"So what do you propose?" The Spaniard asks the Englishman, it was already early morning and small rays of light were leaking in through the small windows. "You know this guy better than I do." The blond thinks for a moment, his forehead resting in the palm of his hand. Antonio waits and sharpens one of his knives; if it were up to him they would have already be at the caves, but he knew that wouldn't turn out good for either of them and not to mention you. Finally, Arthur sighs and lifts his head to look at the man sitting across the table from him.
"I'm just going to have to give the bloody git the treasure. What did you do with it?"
"I hid it. It's on an island not too far from…here." Antonio's eyes widen and he groans, letting his head fall onto the wooden table. "Mierda! Soy un idiota! Por qué hice eso?!"
"What's wrong?!" The startled Englishman asks.
"You need a key to unlock it." He replies, his forehead still on the table,
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 96 62
What If...Chap 2 Result: France
What If….Chapter 2 Extra: France
But What If…France Won
Francis deals out the four cards and places the rest of the deck beside him.
"Okay, we'll go clockwise, oui? So moi first." The Frenchman flips his card to reveal…Nine of Spades! "Huh, G-God will be on my side! I know it!"
"My turn." The hyper Spaniard chirps as he flips his card…Three of Diamonds! "Q-qué?! A three?! Juego estúpido." Antonio crosses his arms and pouts.
"I guess it's me next." You say and reach for the card; maybe you could beat the blond. Flipping the card over, you reveal…Five of Clubs! You glance over to the blond, who gives you a perverted smile.
"Looks like you'll be mine ma cherie~."
"B-but I wanted to kiss mi tomate." Toni pouts.
"Don't get cocky Francis, I still have to go." Gilbert flips his card…Seven of Spades! "Was?! How de hell did you vin?! Und wid a nine too!"
"God is on my side after all! Looks like you are mine, cherie~ Ohonhonhon~." The blond Frenchman crawl
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 57 39
Mature content
SpainxReader Request :iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 209 124
What If...Chap 4: After Left Result
What If…Chapter 4: After Left Result
Warning: A shit ton of cussing
Your consciousness returns to you on and off; when it did return, you felt weird sensations on various parts of your body. After about the fifth time, the sensations start to feel good, really good actually. You let out a groggy moan; this must have pleased whatever was making the sensations as they intensified. The sensations become too much and you finally wake up fully. Blinking your eyes open, you notice a certain silverette straddling you and cupping one of your breasts. You blink at each other, your face growing a deep shade of red; as you stare at each other, you notice something else: your wrist were bound and tied to the headboard above your head.
"Gilbert?" The Prussian calms down slightly, but doesn't move at all.
"Uh, Guten morgen frau. Sleep vell?" You continue to stare at the silver-haired man; you shift your gaze from him to his hand to your bound wrists then back to him.
"Gilbert, what happened to
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 91 163


Talk To: Jack Frost [WIP] :iconstarkidmalfoy:StarkidMalfoy 152 90 Girls' Hetalia Dating Game :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 2,027 3,472 Jack Frost's Expressions :iconmimint:Mimint 1,446 291 Nyotalia--Time For Bed :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 1,385 133
Mature content
BTT X Reader-Devils Little Sister :iconraphaelatheturtel:RaphaelaTheTurtel 256 119
Request: EnglandXReaderXSpain Part 1
"Another peaceful day for the Allies…" (Name) sighed as she dramatically opened the double doors to reveal her comrades already bickering. "Oh will you all quit it already!!" She shouted. England and France stopped a little but continued to go back and forth. "Oui? Well everyone knows that I have the biggest-"
England was fuming, but decided to just calm down and go sit next to (Name), who of which had taken her seat during the commotion.  
"So (Name), how are you today?" He tried to make casual conversation but he knew for a fact she wasn't going to be happy, he knew she hated it when people fought. (Name) was a very peace oriented girl, and this you might find coincidental but she represented Liverpool, England. You know? Where the all famous JOHN LENNON was born and raised? No, okay so just pretend you know for my sake, yeah? Anyway, she hated it when he and France would always break out fighting, even about the most trivial things! He ex
:iconmomooverholt:MoMoOverholt 179 287
CHIBI PLUSH TUTORIAL :iconlori-la-tortuga:LoRi-La-Tortuga 17,953 2,361 Possible Escape Scenario 4282L :iconkamden:Kamden 709 138
Mature content
Roommates :iconginger-curls:Ginger-Curls 149 277
Mature content
REQUEST SMUT OH SHI- :icontacoregalia:tacoregalia 40 26
Where do babies come from, awesome parents?
Where do babies come from? A sweet little boy, the age five years old, thought to himself. He had started wondering about this ever since he heard his father talking to his mother. He was outside playing when he got thirsty, it had been a hot summer day in June. So after going back inside of his house to find his mother, he could hear his father saying some odd things he's never heard before in the living room. From what he could see, peeking around the corner that led into the living room, his mother was blushing.
Something about making more babies using his awesomeness. He felt scared when his father said he'd "eat his mommy up", then "banged her until she was screaming his name". Why would his daddy do that to his mommy? He must be a monster pretending to be his daddy! He wasn't going to let that thing hurt his mommy!
Picking up his Star-Wars lightsaber, also putting his darth vader helmet on for protection, he made his way outside to where the monster was washing his real fa
:iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 535 136
Mature content
AmericaxReader- Moonlight Swim :iconlittle-soka:little-soka 408 284
Germans Are Engineers(PrussiaxReaderxGermany)
"If you two didn't know how to work on cars, I think I would die." You beamed brightly as you looked over the two Germans working on your car. "I mean, going to a professional engineer is so darn expressive!" You let your legs swing freely off the side of the table on your garage. This truly beat going to the auto repair shop for Ludwig as well as his brother lost their shirts due to the very steamy weather outside. You found yourself staring once and a while…
"Ja, it is expensive." Ludwig said, picking up what looked like a wrench before fixing up what was needed.
Gilbert looked up at you from the engine, wiping sweat from his brow in the process. "You better be paying us though."
You raised an eyebrow before complaining slightly, "Why? You two are my best friends~! Common." You leaned forward with the most innocent face you could muster.
"Nein!" Gilbert said, "It's hot out here, and you think we're going to do it for free when we're cooking our asses off, and you're sitting ther
:icont-adash-i:T-adash-i 362 103
The Lion and The Lark: Chap 7
You put on your riding dress and you walked outside with Arthur. You kept your hair down, since he said that you both were going to spend your day outside on the land. He got his horse and Opal out and he shooed the servants away. He saddled the horses and he held out his hand for yours. You grinned and let him help you up. Anne came out with a basket of food. You took it from her and you smiled at her. She curtsied and smiled back before walking back into the house. You tied the basket to your saddle and you were on your way.
"We're going to my favorite spot." Arthur explained.
He kept the pace slow. You sighed, enjoying the slight breeze and the field you were walking through. Opal would reach out and lazily pull up some grass to munch on. You petted her and focused on Arthur again.
"Where exactly is this place Dear?" you asked.
You suddenly realized that you just called him 'Dear'. It seemed like the most natural thing to do. You grinned and waited for his answer. He smiled at you a
:iconsilverwing100:Silverwing100 37 87
Vampire!England X Reader: Vampire Romance
You transferred at Hetalia Gakuen with your brother, You were submitted in Class 2-1. In your class, there were lots of unfamiliar faces, they stared at you strangely.
"So, can you introduce yourself?" Ludwig-sensei, His full name is Ludwig Beilschimdt a German, some rumors said that he was a hunter (hunter of what? You'll find that out later! ^.^)
"Im ____ ____" you introduced yourself
"Sit next to Arthur Kirkland there" Professor Ludwig said, pointing his finger at the boy with a messy blond hair and emerald green eyes and He's good-looking too! you walked forward and sat beside him at the middle left.
"Hello there, I'm ____" you lend your hand to him but he totally ignored you. 'What a guy! he's rude!' you thought to yourself. A girl patted your shoulder, she has a long, light brown hair and green eyes
"He don't pay attention to the newcomers but, he's a good person" the girl reassured you
"By the way, Im Elizabeta Héderváry, nice to meet you ___!" she gave you a f
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 565 140
Werewolf!EnglandxReader- Call Me What You May- P1
Werewolf!EnglandxReader - Call Me What You May
--Your POV--
7:00 AM, Monday
You just moved in to a homely neighboorhood.
You sighed.
Your family couldn't keep up with the bills last month, so both of your parents had to get extra jobs.
And now you were forced into a new home and a new school.
Even though your new school was public, it had uniforms just like a private school.
For guys, it was a basic white dress shirt, and black pants.
But for the girls, we had to wear a white blouse, and a short black plaid skirt.
It was if they wanted you to wear revealing clothes!
The only good part to the uniform, was that you could add anything you wanted on top of it.
Once you changed into your annoying uniform, and packed up your school bag, you headed out the door.
You didn't bother to wake up your parents to say good-bye, because you knew every day they worked late into the night.
You took one last look at your small, new house, and prepared yourself for your first day of this school.
~~Time sk
:iconkatrucha:Katrucha 443 320


Alright, so I've felt pretty guilty about saying I would continue writing in April and then just fell off the earth again without any explanation. Life has just gotten so busy and I've fallen out of some anime fandoms for some time now so I don't think I will be continuing the stories that I've started; but, I will keep them up for those who like re-reading them and for those who have yet to find them. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, favorited my stories, I'm glad you all enjoyed them. I may at some point come back and finish them, if I get back into them, but I don't know when or if that will happen.


asianchibi13's Profile Picture
Shelby/ Nickname = Shibi
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Picture: I'm the one on the right(the Envy cosplayer), in the middle is the funniest England cosplayer ever!, and on the left is my sophomore Jessica but we call her Italy cause she was born there. She started talking Italian to the Italy cosplayer it was the funniest thing that poor cosplayer XD
Age: 20
B-Day: 5/9/94

Almost got my A.A.~

I'm psychotic, lazy(I'm part Greek so it makes sense), and a bunch of other stuff. I walk on my toes cause i'm awesome, always have, and I love the fact my initials are SAW^^ I'm Irish, Scottish, British and German so hopefully I'll be able to hold my liqour but I know i'm going to be a happy-angry drunk XD

If you're wondering about the Shibi thing I use in my conversations under my fanfics, it's my nickname my friend gave me 4 years ago. My name is Shelby and I'm one of the shortest people in my group of friends (5'3") so my friend combined Shelby and Chibi and that's how Shibi came to be.

I love anime/manga and love yaoi just as much!^^
Fav Animes:
:bulletblue: Axis Powers/World Series Hetalia
:bulletblue: D. Gray Man
:bulletblue: Death Note
:bulletblue: OHSHC
:bulletblue: Saiyuki
:bulletblue: Black Butler
:bulletblue: Deadman Wonderland

I'm obsessed with languages and accents, I love listening to people speak different languages. I have been teaching myself some for the past 4 years. Some include:
:bulletblue: French
:bulletyellow: German
:bulletred: Russian
:bulletpink: Greek^^
:bulletblue: Japanese
:bulletgreen: Dutch
:bulletblack: Italian
:bulletpurple: Korean
:bulletred: Hindi
:bulletorange: Cherokee

Countries I wish to visit:
Trinidad and Tobago

Countries I've Visited:
England (London)
Canada (Niagara Falls)

My Hetalia Nationality Stereotypes I Fit:
Greek: I'm lazy as hell and sleep til 3 in the aftenoon, if no one disturbs me. i have three cats
German: I like beer. my mom acts like a dictator (my nickname for her is Hitler)
Irish: I like alcohol (some, i'm not an alcoholic though)
Scottish: I have a very bad temper
British: I talk to "myself"
American: I love hamburgers!!! and shakes! I go see horror movies even though i know i'll have nightmares and won't b able to sleep for a week.
Italian: I f*cking love pasta! it's amazing!
French: I'm very perverted

Current Residence: Florida *wink,wink*
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favorite show: South Park
Favourite cartoon character: Prussia, Greece, Lavi, Tyki, Spain
Personal Quote: "If you had fought like a man, you wouldn't have hung like a dog." - Anne Bonney



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131 / 3,000
Would like to get a Premium Membership, I think it would help my readers interact more with some of my stories. I feel bad for doing this, but that's just me. I thank everyone that donates, no matter how small the contribution^^

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