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RussiaxReader for Zeldarulez10123
Rating: R
Warning(s): Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence, Nudity (Not in that order)

Your lungs burn as you run faster and faster; you couldn't stop now though, you had finally escaped from the Axis and you weren't going to be captured again!

"Get back here frau!" The silver haired man chasing after you yells, closing in on you. You ignore him and run faster; you clutch your chest, you were panting heavily by now. You feel yourself start to slow down so you turn into an alley, hoping to lose him. Bad idea. Not only did you fail to lose him but it was a dead end. "There's nowhere else to run frau. You're coming back with me." He says, breathing heavily like you, as he approaches you.

"Like hell I will, Nazi!" He stops a few feet in front of you and glares at you. "What's the matter, huh? Naz-nngh!" He cuts you off, by grabbing your neck, and slams you against the brick wall behind you. Your hands shoot up to try and pry his grip from your neck.

"You know frau, if we didn't need info from you, I'd cut out that tongue of yours." Your eyes widen and you gulp loudly. "What's the matter, huh?" He mocks you with a smirk, his blood red eyes gleaming with the prospect of torturing you again. Your fear disappears into anger and you glare at him and kick his shin as hard as you are able to. The albino grunts in pain and releases your neck, sending you to fall on your butt to the ground. The Prussian glares at you again and approaches you, kneeling down on one knee to your level. "You're gonna pay for that frau." He goes to grab your hair but you grab his wrist and punch him in the face. "Argh! Gottverdammt!!" He growls, holding his now bleeding nose. You take the opportunity to try and escape; you sprint for the exit but the albino is quicker and grabs your wrist, thwarting your plans. "Not so fast frau. I'm going to make you pay for that right now." He slams you against the wall again, his chest on your back, forcing your cheek to press against the rough texture of the bricks; you feel the rough cement scratch at your cheek, surely tearing off a bit of the outer layer of your skin. He lowers his head and whispers in your ear. "What West doesn't know won't hurt him." You hear a faint noise you can't place and try to turn your head to see what it was; soon, you feel the cold metal of Prussia's knife gliding down your cheek. Your breath hitches and you struggle even more.

"I thought he ordered you to bring me back alive?" You whisper carefully as he presses the blade against your jugular.

"Ja," He licks your cheek and nibbles the side of your neck, making you cringe in disgust. "But West didn't say 'unharmed.'" He smirks again, lightly kissing the bite marks he had created.

"St-stop that!"

"Hn, nein. You're our prisoner, I can do whatever I want to you." He spins you around abruptly and harshly forces you into a kiss. You squeak in surprise and try to push him off. When that fails, you knee him in the groin, making him drop his weapon and fall to his knees. You grab the knife and immediately point it at your enemy. "Schieβe! Fick, frau!" He yells, holding his aching vital regions. "That's it, I don't care what the punishment is, I've had enough of this." He stands back up.

"Get back down! I'm warning you!"

"Frau, you can't do a damn thing to me with that knife. Und besides," He reaches to his side to produce a pistol. "You're not going to win against a gun with a knife." Your eyes grow large and your face pales; shit, you really got yourself into trouble now. Your heart beats rapidly against your chest, trying to escape its confines, well you had two options: surrender and get tortured for information again or try to run and possibly get killed.  Well, you never were one to give up so easily. Taking a deep breath, you rush the man and, thanks to his not expecting you to charge him, you knock him to the ground, sending the gun to skid to the other side of the alley. You both grunt in pain when you land on the ground, unfortunately you drop the knife in the collision; not wasting anytime, you sit up and start swinging away at the man below you. You manage to get a couple good hits in, hitting him on his cheek and right above his left eye, before he recovers and grabs your wrists. He knees you in the gut and flips you both over so your positions are reversed. Prussia holds both your wrists tightly in one of his hands, hard enough to nearly crush them, and wipes the blood from his face. "You never learn, do you frau?" Prussia stands up, pulling you with him, you try to kick him but he punches you in your stomach again, causing you to keel over. "But then again, it's no fun if you don't struggle." He sneers at you and spits some blood to ground near your head. He continues to walk across the alley, leaving your hunched over form on the ground, and picks up the gun. "Now, I'm getting very impatient, so we can do this the easy way or the hard way, frau." He cocks the gun and points it at your head. "What'll it be, hm?"

"How about my way, da?" A new voice speaks up, knocking the gun out of the shorter man's hand with a hard swing of the metal faucet pipe he was carrying. The albino yells in pain and holds his injured and bleeding hand.

"Fick! What are you doing here, you Communist fucker?!"

"Saving (Name) from stupid Axis." Sure enough, Russia makes his way closer to you and Prussia; relief floods your body and you stand up and start to run to him, but the other man is quicker and grabs you. He produces another blade and presses it against the far side of your neck. You let out a small cry and the ominous aura around Russia intensifies. You feel Prussia tremble slightly, this was his last trump card, he knew it and so did you, you were certain Russia knew as well. "Let go of (Name) before I make you." Russia's plastic smile falters slightly and a twinge of fear runs down your spine, this was the first time you had ever been afraid of him, which meant your captor was probably about to die of fear.

"Sorry, can't do that." Prussia pulls you closer and takes a step away from the frightening man; Russia's smile vanishes into a blank and cold stare. "M-maybe we could make a deal though?"

"I'm listening." The Russian's grip tightens on his faucet pipe. He did not like to negotiate, but if it meant your safety, he'd do anything.

"Her for some info on you plans."

"What?! No, Russ-mmph!" Prussia's uninjured hand clamps down over your mouth and you start to struggle against his hold again, the pressure of the knife against your neck finally makes you calm down.

"Hush schön, the big countries are talking now." He kisses your cheek and you faintly hear Russia growl darkly. "I see, I finally found your weakness, haven't I? Now, you can give me information, useful information, and I give you back your pretty whore or you can refuse und I'll take her back where we'll interrogate her again and get it out of her, forcefully if we must." The longer the man talked, the angrier Russia became, if you weren't at stake, he'd have shoved his pipe down the Nazi's throat after beating the shit out of him with it. "Well?" Russia stays silent for a few minutes before grinning.

"Have you really become so weak you need to use little girls to get what you want? So much for the 'great Prussia.'" Russia replies with a cocky smile. Prussia glares at him, growls low and unconsciously squeezes you jaw tightly in frustration. A shrill sound of pain escapes from your throat at the sudden pain, Prussia looks down in surprise and releases his hand from your jaw. Russia's eyes flare with rage and he uses the chance to rush the shorter man. Prussia looks up at the last second, just before Russia grabs him by the throat, knocking the knife away, and slams him against the wall, effectively freeing you. Prussia's eyes widen in fear and he tries to free himself from the Russian's grip, but Russia wasn't going to let his prey go, oh no, not until he was lying dead on the ground with a crushed larynx. You sit up, rubbing your jaw, which was already starting to bruise, and look at the scene behind you: Russia, with a pleased and sadistic grin on his face, pressing Prussia against the wall three feet off the ground by his neck; the albino was struggling against the other's hold but his thrashing was starting to die down and he was gasping for air. Your eyes widen as you realize Russia was going to kill him, that wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't smiling like that…like it was the most enjoyable experience on Earth. You didn't like that look. That wasn't the Russia you knew. The one you cared about and…loved.

"Ivan, stop!" You cry out, your voice hoarse and low. You run to him and tug at his arm, yelling louder this time. "Стоп!" You wrap your arms around his torso after the tugging didn't work; hugging him tightly, a few soft sobs escape you. "Please Ivan. Я нз хотел видеть вас, как это." Russia turns to you, his grin slowly vanishing into concern at the sight of your tears; he glances down to see the forming bruises. His rage flares again and he punches the Prussian in the nose, right where you landed a hit earlier. Prussia lets out a howl of pain and Russia drops him to the ground. Russia gently pulls you off of him and kneels down next to the shorter man holding his injured nose.

"Harm her again, I will kill you. Slowly and painfully. Understand, da?" Prussia snivels and nods nervously. "Good. Now leave before I change my mind and just kill you." Prussia doesn't hesitate and sprints away so fast he would have put the Italian army to shame. You watch Russia stand up and face you. "Are you okay, (Name)?" He caresses your cheek softly, wiping away the remnants of your tears, but you wince when he accidentally brushes against your jaw. "Damn him."

"Thank you." You smile at him and hug him again, resting your forehead on his chest so you wouldn't further hurt your jaw. Russia wraps his arms around your small form and sweetly strokes your hair.

"You know you don't have to thank me. I'd do anything to keep you safe (Name). Anything." You both grow silent and just enjoy being held by the other. "I'm the one who should be thanking you; you're the only one who isn't afraid of me (Name). Even now, when I snapped, you didn't run away from me." You look up into his violet eyes and grab the back of his neck to pull his lips down closer to yours. You press your lips to his softly and feel him tense up slightly before you pull away, a light blush dusting your cheeks.

"I could never be afraid of you, Ivan." Russia continues to stare at you and touches his lips.

"What was that for?" He asks, a light pink forming on his cheeks, he almost reminded you of a child at times, you found it adorable.

"Your reward for saving me, silly." You giggle and move away from him. "Come on, we should head back, I'm sure the idiots are worried." You take his hand and lead him out of the alley, but after a few steps, exhaustion overtakes your body and you become dizzy.

"(Name)?" You fall back against the Russian's chest and succumb to your fatigue.
After waking up and find yourself resting against something hard and warm. Looking up, you see a certain Russian, he was carrying you; your cheeks flush and you nuzzle closer to the man. The man chuckles and continues to walk towards a building, it looks familiar and you recognize it as the building you had meetings in when conferences were held in France. Upon nearing the conference room, Russia reluctantly sets you down and opens the door for you.  You both enter the conference room you used when Allies' meetings were in France; you were in France because it was the closest to Germany and the others wanted to hold an emergency meeting, but really they just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound. You run to the table and plop down onto a nice, big, comfy chair in the semi-dark conference room, you and Russia must have gotten there before everyone else, you figure.

"Man, I'm beat!" You stretch your arms and relax, slouching in the chair. Russia moves to stand behind you and wraps his arms around your shoulders. "Russia?"

"Da?" He says and leans down to nuzzle the top of your head with his nose. You blush madly and press your lips together tightly to suppress a squeak.

"Wh-what are you doing?" You ask, your voice cracking more than you wanted it to.

"I was just thinking…I saved your life, da?"

"Yes, yes you did." You reply, wondering where he was going with this. He releases you and moves to kneel next to you, leaning close to your ear.

"I think I deserve a better reward, don't you?" Chills run down your back and goose bumps appear on your arms at your words.

"W-what did you have in mind?" You blush as images of what you were hoping he was getting at flash through your mind.

"Well, if I saved your life, it means your life belongs to me now, doesn't it?" He leans in closer to your neck and breathes deeply, taking in your natural scent, reveling in it.

"I-I s-suppose it does, yes." Another shiver runs through you and your eyes flutter to a close.

"And if your life belongs to me," Russia moves away to shift your chair so you were now face-to-face; you feel his breath against your skin with every word, but keep your eyes closed and wait for him to continue. Russia lightly slides his hands up and down your arms, you quickly suck in air and butterflies start to flutter around in your stomach; the anticipation was killing you and you were about to say something but he speaks first. "Then so does your body." Your eyes pop open right before Russia crashes his lips to yours, grabbing the back of your head at the same time to make the kiss that more intense. And intense it was! But then again, this is Russia we're talking about. Russia leans down closer, nipping at your lips every so often as he meshes his lips against yours even harder, if that was possible. The butterflies in your stomach burst and you feel as if you are on cloud nine and your eyes slowly close again before you kiss the Russian man back. Your fingers grope at his locks, pulling here and there, trying to get a response out of the man. You got a response alright. Russia bolts up, pulling you with him so your bodies were connected from your shoulders down, further deepening the kiss. A moan escapes you and you snake one of your hands down to Russia's chest, rubbing small circles. A growl sounds from Russia's throat and he forces his tongue through your slightly bleeding lips, pushing your face closer even further as he does so. Your head finally starts to feel light from the lack of oxygen entering your body and you try to pull away, but Russia holds you against him firmly, brushing his tongue against your own. You moan again and squeeze your eyes tightly, crap, you were going to die from lack of air if this kept up! No matter how much you push against his chest with both hands, Russia continues the kiss; you just hope you last til the end of it. Finally, just when you feel your consciousness slipping away, the Russian breaks the kiss with a gasp. You immediately take a deep breath of air; panting heavily, you grab onto the tall man's shoulders, fearing you would fall due to your shaky and unstable knees.

"H-holy shit, where did you learn to kiss like that?" You ask, still breathless and giddy with pleasure of the kiss mixed with the adrenaline of almost passing out. Russia smiles and picks you up, guiding your legs to wrap around his waist, as he holds you up with one hand around your lower back and the other caressing your ass.

"I heard things like this are more pleasurable when one is low on air."

"You got that right." Russia laughs again and walks over to the large wooden table and lays you down on it, your hair spreads out around your head and your breasts rise up and down thanks to your panting. Russia traces his long fingers up and down your torso, lifting up a bit of the hem of your shirt and lightly brushing against your breasts. "Aah~. R-Russia~." Your eyes close again and your head rolls to the side. Russia's eyes roam around your body, wanting to strip you already and just fuck your brains out, but no he wanted to prolong this glorious moment. You raise your body up as his hand glides around, wanting to feel him more. You groan in disappointment and crack your eyes open when you no longer feel his large hand against your stomach.

"Don't worry, my sunflower," He chuckles as he strokes your cheek, being sure to avoid your now fully developed bruise. "We are going to have much more fun, da."

"What kind of fun~?" You smirk and loop your arms around his neck and move in for another mind blowing kiss; but, as you near his, he grabs a hold of your shoulders and stops you. You stop and stare up at him, seeing his usual childish smile, only there was something else lurking behind it. "What is it?"

"This is my reward, da?" Russia's eyes glance down your body slowly again and he licks his dry lips, stopping his gaze when it locks on your breasts.


"Then I get to do what I want." Your stomach jumps at that and your heart begins to race again. "And I want to fuck your brains out right now." Your breath catches in your throat, Russia leans back down for another hot and rough kiss. You let your eyes drift closed once again and kiss back without a second thought, opening your lips for him almost immediately. Russia greedily devours each of your moans, nipping at your sore lips again. You gasp as the Russian roughly grabs one of your breasts and rolls his palm against your nipple.

"Oh, I-Ivan~." Russia smirks against your lips and rips the front of your shirt in half. "Ah!" You pull away from the silver haired man. "What the hell did you do that fo-nngh, mmm~."  Russia reclaims your lips and continues to pleasure you, slipping his large hand under your silk bra, and pinches your hardened nipple tightly. "Nngh. No-not so, mm, hard. Hah."

"You know you enjoy it when I am rough with you, sunflower." Well he was right about that. HE takes your mouth again but releases it just as quickly. "Why don't we try something else, da? On your knees, (Name)." You sit back against the chair, too dazed from the euphoria of everything. Russia grabs both your breasts and squeezes them harshly, sending more pain than pleasure to run through your body. "Now, sunflower." He was so lucky you loved him and that he had just saved your life. You slip down the chair slowly until you end up on your knees with your face very close to his groin, looking up at him the whole time with lustful eyes; Russia gazes down at you with a smirk, he removes his jacket and places it on another chair before sliding his hands down to the hem of his pants. He starts to undo them but soon pools them away. "Nyet, I have idea, why don't you take them off sunflower." Okay, that's not so bad. You give him a smirk of you own and move your hands where his had previously been. "Ah, ah, no using your hands." He says with a devious grin, oh that bastard, he was enjoying this too much. You huff but comply, placing your hands on his hips to balance yourself, you lean down and grab ahold of the button with your teeth. You groan in frustration as you fail to unbutton it four times in a row, hearing him chuckle in amusement didn't help either; agitated, you grind your chin against his already semi-hard erection roughly and smirk when you hear him let out a surprised gasp.

"Come on Russia, this is just mean. Plus I know you want me to touch you." You tease him, rubbing your nose softly against the large bulge in his pants, applying enough pressure for him to feel it against the material but not enough to really enjoy it.

"Ngh, da I-I do, but this is just too much fun." You push away from him and stare at his flushed face, pouting with your cheeks puffed out. "You look so adorable, alright I'll let you use your hands but only for the button." Pleased, you go back to your task and unbutton the small object, cursing its existence. Once the button was out of the way, you grab the zipper with your teeth and pull it down easily, being sure to press against the hard bulge lurking underneath. "Ngh, naughty girl. You can use your hands to get it out." You do so, pulling down his pants and boxers all at once; Russia's manhood stands up proudly, you lick your lips and imagine being filled up with the long and hard shaft. A small moan leaks from your lips and you run your fingers up and down him sensually. Russia groans at the touch, wishing you would hurry up and suck him off. "(Name)." He growls, grabbing ahold of your hair. You shake your head and lick at the hardened flesh like it was a delicious lollipop; the Russian's grip on your hair tightens painfully, but you love it. Pleased with your work on slicking up his member, you take the tip in your mouth and lightly suck, your eyes flutter closed and you moan from his size, he was huge and he knew how to please you. Russia moans and tosses his head back while his hand forces himself deeper in your mouth. You squeak in surprise but relax your mouth for him, sucking harder now and letting your tongue brush against the slit on the tip. The man's body shakes with pleasure and he grasps the table to make sure he didn't collapse, damn how he loved getting blown by you. More moans escape you as you start to bob your head, fitting as much of him as can without chocking, which was an impressive amount, the Russian had to say. You suck him off for a few more minutes, tasting his pre-cum every now and then, before your jaw starts to ache. You release his fully hard and slick cock with a small pop, a thin thread of drool sticks to your lip, connecting to man's organ before splitting apart.

"Mm, Russia, my jaw is starting to hurt." Oh right, the bruise, he forgot, fucking Prussian. As much as Russia wanted to come, and he reeeaaallly wanted to, he wasn't about to be that mean to you. Russia pulls you up unexpectedly and firmly plants his lips on yours. Russia's hands eagerly start to strip you, first your tattered shirt, then your bra, where his hands move to kneed at your supple flesh. "Oh, Ivan~. I want you so badly." The Russian man growls and grinds his member against your inner thigh, eliciting more mewls from your small form. Russia makes quick work of your remaining clothes, leaving you completely naked, except for your socks.

"Nngh, on the table. Lay on your stomach." Russia releases you and you stumble towards the table, lying down on it the way he told you to, you weren't normally so compliant but he had saved your life. You half gasp, half moan at the feeling of the cold wood against your heated skin and wiggle your body around to get comfortable. You hear the ruffling of fabric behind you and turn your head around to be greeted with a fully naked hot as hell Russia. He appears behind you and grabs your hips as he roughly grinds his member against your wet and eager entrance.

"Ahh! I-Ivan~." Russia leans over you and kisses your neck, biting the part where your shoulder and neck connect. You mewl his name over and over and rock your hips against him. "Mm, I-Ivan, please, I can't take it! Fuck me already!" You scream at the top of your lungs. Russia smirks and grabs his length, positioning it against you.

"I love it when you beg, sunflower." Russia snaps his hips up abruptly and manages to completely fill you up as far your body would allow him. Another scream rips through you and your hips rock against his, wanting more. Russia's grip on your hips tightens and he pounds into you faster and harder, you loved that about him, you never had to ask, he just did whatever he wanted, which thankfully was exactly what you wanted as well. "Mm, you still feel so tight, even after all this time."

"Oh, fuck Russia! Oh~, nngh. Ahn, you're so big, ah I love it." Russia drapes himself over you, pressing you down even more against the wooden table, causing your nipples to rub against the polished wood. He starts to feel his limit approach and pulls you down against him as he thrusts forward, barely hitting your sweet spot, it was starting to drive you mad. Finally it becomes too much and the man buries himself deep inside you and releases his load. "Ah, n-no….mm." Russia thrusts a couple more times, milking his orgasm before pulling out of you, taking some of his seed with him so it drips down your thigh. Damn him, you didn't get to finish. You lay still on the table, regaining your breath and wiping the sweat from your forehead, you glare at him.

"Ah, that was good, da?"

"Bastard, I din't come." You pout and sit up, crossing your arms under your breats. An all too familiar smirk graces his face and you gulp loudly.

"Well, we'll just have to keep doing it until my pretty sunflower comes, now wwon't we?"

*Extended Ending*

Your worn out body slouches aginst the large man sitting on the chair. You both just finish your fourth round of sex and you were exhausted. As your eyes start to grow heavy, you realize something.

"Hey Russia, aren't those idiots really late?"

"Hm, da, you're right."

"HEY! Don't call me an idiot!" The familiar and obnoxious voice of a certain American sounds from the other side of the large room.

"You bloody idiot!" A British accent yells. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. The lights switch on and you spot you allies with horrified eyes. America was blushing lightly and looking on like a curious puppy; England was also blushing, but darker, and had a partly frightened, partly disgusted look on his face; china was also blushing furiously and had a look of shock on his face; and of course France, the pervertoof the group, was looking at you and Russia with a dreamy and turned on expression with a small trail of blood leaking from his nnose.

"(Name)~, let Big Brother properly welcome you back too~." Russia glares at the blond and France quickly hides behind the Englishman.

"H-how long have you guys been here?" You ask with a shaky voice.

"The whole time. We were going to surprise you, but it seems you beat us to the punch, love." You groan and bang your head against the Russian's chest.

"Man, (Name) you've got a nice rack and a smoking body!" America comments, smiling at you. Russia glares and him and growls. "What? It's true man. Hey you guys aren't together, right? Could we screw around sometime?" Before America has a chance to finish, the Russian leaps across the room and chases the shorter nation down the hall, while still fully nude.

"Stupid idiot, aru." A blood curdling scream comes from the hallway the men ran down and you cringe slightly. You almost felt sorry for the young idiot. Almost.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, its characters, the pic or you. I swear every time i write that i feel like i'm about to testify for something =_=

Preview Pic: [link] O.O *nosebleed* i'm sorry, but i just absolutely love this pic of russia....excuse me while i stare at it for a bit longer~ *drools*

Translation: i'll do it later, i'm too exhausted X P

Shibi: Alright!!! another request down! WOO! hehe i meant to post this yesterday but i didn't have enough time, cause i went to the midnight premiere off the hunger games WOOOO!! my 1st midnight movie and it was so fun!!! ^^!!! ANYWHO~ this one is for Zeldarulez10123^^ another one 4 Russia!
Russia: Shibi was alone late last night?^^
Shibi:....yes, u do know u don't scare me right?
Shibi: ^^
Shibi: ^^'
Russia: We should fix that^^
Shibi: O.O uh or, or, we couldn't and say we did^^
Russia: ........i'll think about it.
Shibi:Okay well i hope u guys enjoyed, especially Zeldarulez10123^^ And i promise i'll update all of my series very soon^^ Bye~
Russia: Dasvedanya^^
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Love the fact that Russia is, like, a totes dirty talker.

Whoops, I let my Poland out. My bad X3.
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two words: fuck yes
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:iconblushplz: Oh Russia you kinky bastard you...xD I love America, "You guys aren't together right, maybe we could screw around some time." xDD Absolutely wonderful story.
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omg! that was- i just- and it was like- then i- and he- then all of them were there just watching with- then America ask- and I- then Russia was still- :iconnosebleedfaintplz:
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I like how you actually made this story develope, and not just jump into crap.
Awesome work! Love the writing style and the way you protrayed the reason they were in France! Just amazing work!
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I just had the shittiest day. And now, I'm sitting in my room, flailing around and smiling like an idiot. I love you so damn much for this, it's worth like $100 and I can't believe you did this as a requestsdjxbanwksdbxkjszbdxjesdfbcn
*dies again*
Oh, And I also went to the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games!!!!:DDDDD
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^^ i'm glad i could make ur day better^^ hehe i don't feel like dealing w/ copyright issues. omg it was so amazing!!! i sang the whole lullaby when rue was dying and a bunch of people joined me, it was so epic!!
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Omg, everyone in the theater did the salute with the three fingers! And everyone was crying XD I wish they put the whole song in the movie...Omg and a guy at the cinema had Seneca Crane's beard!! XD Like he actually shaved his real beard to look like it XD
asianchibi13 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Student Filmographer
that is so awesome!
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oh my god that's hilarious, jeez i can't imagine wat the turn out 4 catching fire is going 2 be
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