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August 12, 2012
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Seven R-Rated Minutes in Heaven with the Hetalia Guys

You're a new country and your first World Meeting was today, needless to say, you were very nervous. You walked in the room and immediately felt out of place; everyone had already arrived so they all turned to you, your face flushed bright red and you gulped loudly. "H-hi." You whisper and barely raise your hand to wave to it.  

"Ohonhon~ why 'ello there ma chere~." A long haired blond approaches you, takes your hand and kisses it.

"U-uh hi, I'm the new country."

"Ahh~! Magnifique, you can introduce yourself~." He said happily as he dragged you to the front of the room. Your eyes widened and your face grew darker, you didn't do well with public speaking; yeah, you probably weren't going to last very long but you were determined to be the best country you could be with your abilities.

"U-uhm, I-I'm shy w-when it comes to n-new people." You whisper to the man. He stopped and turned back to you and smiled.

"You are adorable, chère. Alright, then we'll play a little game, an icebreaker if you will. Now every please put an item in this bag and you chère, close your eyes and no peeking~." You do as he said and close your eyes, hearing a lot of noise of people coming over and placing items in the bag and a person, was that a British accent?, complaining about the…frog? "Alright chère~, you may open your eyes~." You blink your eyes a few times and look at the bag. "Come, come, pick an item~." You don't understand but put your hand in the bag. "Now whose ever item you pick, you must spend seven minutes in the closet with them~."

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, its characters or you. I just have way too much fun writing them in smut.

Shibi: Hello~ sorry I haven't updated anything, I've been super busy with trying to figure college out and plan my trip with my nana to london and paris. I was bored one night and decided to do a seven minutes in heaven quiz on quizilla but it was unpublished by the people who run the website XD so I decided to put it on here where I know it won't get taken down~ so enjoy^^ this actually might get updated more than anything since it's just so easy to write these short smut scenes.

Items in Bag:
Maple Leaf: [link]
Iron Cross Necklace:
Boxers: [link]
White Material:
White Material with Red Stains:
Plastic Tomato:
Panda Key chain:
An Earring:
A Small Box of Pocky:
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